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Electrical Outrage - No Phones!

July 1, 2018

From: Allen James

Half of 2018 is gone and the summer vacations are here. Hopefully, all has been safe and will continue to be so for the rest of the year. If you need any CPR & First Aid training in Spanish or English, let’s plan soon. We still have dates open for 2018, so call or email with any date requests or questions you may have.

Remember, we provide quality instruction with a focus on orchestrating learning that includes a process on how to ”think” about an emergency and then fill a “tool box” with CPR and First Aid skills. This training prepares your employees to respond to both corporate and individual emergencies and enables them to prepare their families for natural disasters. What a wonderful benefit to pass onto your employees’ families.


If the electrical grid is destroyed by fire or earthquake, you will have no phones to call for help except for COPPER LANDLINES. Remember them? Copper landlines work when the power is out as long as the lines are connected. Fiber optic VOIP systems don’t. If you have a cordless copper landline phone, it is also dead. Have a corded phone as back-up to use copper landlines. I am not convinced a small computer back-up battery will help VOIP communications.

Your cell phone is also dead. Cell towers must have a generator to continue to work. Later, towers will be busted but you will be denied voice transmission – text only. Spelling doesn’t count anymore and watch that word generator. It can create words you don’t intend. Always read the text before hitting send.

Finally, do not put a cellphone against your body – out of the bra, keep the cellphone away from the bed at night and reduce the use of cellphones to stream audio and video. World Health Organization classifies cellphone RADIATION as a possible carcinogen. Remember, saving landlines is an important solution during a natural disaster whether fire or earthquake. Be prepared. Know your options.

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Be Safe!

As a first responder, your part in this process is crucial; that is why good training is critical. We can provide that training. Remember - Life Matters

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