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We offer many different classes of CPR/First Aid training using the American Red Cross and EMS Safety Services training standards. These two standards are recognized by OSHA and other regulatory agencies.

CPR Training Sonoma CountyOur staff serves your training needs with scheduled, group, or corporate classes and provides certificate challenges and review classes as the students qualify.


Our class minimums are 6 students and a maximum of 12 depending on the class subject.


Student fees vary depending on the type of class desired.


Discounts are available for schools, church groups, nonprofits, and volume training.


Fees may change without notice.

Fees as of January 1, 2016.

THE FOLLOWING CLASSES describe the training subject, fee per person and class duration:



During our training classes, students develop a process by which to think about an emergency and then are provided with a toolbox filled with skills to respond.


You, as the responder, begin with a simple question: “Am I safe?” You then gather your resources, check the victim, and call 911. Next, you prioritize conditions and respond with the best tool for the situation.


The toolbox contains training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), automated external defibrillator (AED), conscious and unconscious choking, shock, and first aid skills. All of these tools will be yours to choose from in order to take the proper course of action.


As first responder, your part in this process is crucial; that is why good training is critical. We can provide that training. Remember - Life Matters.

Layperson CPR Training 2017 Standards
  • Adult CPR/AED                                       3 hrs.          $85
  • First Aid Basics                                       3 hrs.          $85
  • Adult CPR/AED/First Aid                          5 hrs.          $95
  • Child/Infant/CPR/AED                           3.5 hrs.         $85
  • Child/Infant/CPR/AED/First Aid              6.0 hrs.         $85
  • Adult/Child/Infant/CPR/AED                  4.0 hrs.         $95
  • Adult/Child/Infant/CPR/AED/First Aid        7 hrs.         $110

To best serve the Ukiah community, the above classes will be offered at the same time on the same day depending on individual’s needs. This will require co-operation from other students to serve all students in a timely and efficient manner. Each class begins with Before Giving Care (2 hrs.) then will be followed by the training segment of highest demand and so on. A timeline will be set up so the students can best plan their training time.

The above classes instruct how to respond to emergencies by providing CPR, using an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) and how to deal with First Aid incidents such as shock, bleeding, cuts, bone & muscle injuries, bruises, and other emergencies. (2 year certificate for CPR & First Aid)

These classes will be held at the North Coast Opportunities:

413 N. State Street

Ukaih, CA 95482

Health Care Professional 2018 Standards

Health Care Professional (2018 Standards)


  • Health Care Provider & Professional Rescuer (Fee: $85) (6 hrs.)


The above class is for the participants that have a duty to respond and includes advanced techniques performing two-person CPR/AED for Adult, Child, and Infant while using rescue breathing devices. Includes pocket mask. (Challenge & Review opportunities are available) (2 year certificate for CPR except for Lifeguard which is 1 year)


These classes will be held at the North Coast Opportunities:

413 N. State Street

Ukaih, CA 95482

California Child Care Training 2017 Standards

California Child Care Training


  • CPR & Pediatric First Aid (Fee: $110) (8 hrs.)(CCC#1)


(EMSA approved sticker included)


The above class meets the California child care workers’ requirement for Health & Safety training. Remember, the Pediatric First Aid is not the same as Standard First Aid.



These classes will be held at the North Coast Opportunities:

413 N. State Street

Ukaih, CA 95482

Remote, Wilderness, & Urban Disaster Training
  • Wildness Remote First Aid--Fee: $125 (16 hrs)


The above class provides training for wilderness or urban disaster emergencies where EMS response is more than 60 minutes away. This training can also be used by pilots, yacht cruising crews. Training includes head, neck & back injuries, standard first aid emergencies and more.


Adult CPR/AED certificate is required.


Be prepared to walk 5 miles, lift 50lbs, and stand for long periods.

Coaches & Athletic First Aid Training
  • Sports Injury Prevention & First Aid with Adult & Child/AED/CPR -- Fee: $70 (8 hrs)


The above class helps coaches and athletic trainers eliminate potentially hazardous conditions and recognize first aid and CPR/AED emergencies.

Babysitting Training

Babysitting Training

• Babysitter’s Training (Fee: $75) (7 hrs.)

• Babysitter’s CPR & First Aid Training (Fee: $85) (5 hrs.)


(If taking both classes, the discounted fee is $140)

The above classes are for 11 to 15 year olds to teach babysitting skills including handling emergencies and preventing accidents, feeding, diapering, playing with and caring for children.


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