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Watch Out! Colds & Flu Await Us!

October 1, 2018

From: Allen James


The Winter Threats are Colds and The Big Bad Flu!

We are now moving into winter where colds and flu await us. There is plenty of time to get a flu shot. Unfortunately, the shots do not cover “drift variants” that developed after the vaccine was produced. The main targets will be our youngest children and those over 64. Other targets are pregnant women and new mothers. Other high-risk targets are ones with underlying conditions such as diabetes, lung disease and kidney disease. Do check with your doctor. It is not just vaccinations that can protect employees and families from the flu and colds, but behavioral changes as well. Consider the following:

    • Do not go to work or school if you are sick and for at least 24 hrs. after your fever breaks!
    • Stop sharing the community popcorn bowl with your hands!
    • Wash your hands with soap often for at least 20 seconds!
    • Hand sanitizers work well! CDC says at least 60% alcohol. I suggest 70%.
    • Cover your month with a cloth covered arm when coughing or sneezing! A handkerchief works well.
    • Take care of yourself; reduce stress, get lots of sleep, stay warm, practice your work place safety programs!
    • Remember, children are “germ bags”. They need to get sick to build their immune systems, but, they need to be taught how not to spread colds and flu.

Remember, we have quality CPR instruction with a focus on orchestrating learning that includes a process on how to ”think” about an emergency and then providing a “tool box” of CPR and First Aid skills. This training prepares your employees to respond to both corporate and individual emergencies and enables them to prepare their families for natural disasters. What a wonderful benefit to pass onto your employees’ families.

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Be Safe!

As a first responder, your part in this process is crucial; that is why good training is critical. We can provide that training. Remember - Life Matters

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