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March 31, 2012 by Allen James


June is here, schools are out, and summer is coming. Are you prepared?


What CPR/First Aid training does your company, organization, or community group need for the summer and fall activities? Think and plan for the safety and convenience of your people. This training is not only useful in the work place but outside as well. Case in point:


I was teaching a California Child Care class in Ukiah, CA at the North Coast Opportunities (NCO) offices when I received a text at 4:17 pm. After turning on the DVD program, I looked at my phone and read the following: “Just did CPR on 84 year old man and saved his life!!!” This came from a fellow CPR Instructor, Tami Bartolomei, Program Director, NCO Volunteer Programs.


I informed the class and sent the following message: “WOW!!!! The whole class says WOW!!” Her response: “I am shaking but good. Hope he makes it! Had a big gash in head!! My response: “Take care of ur self. U r in shock! Is someone with u?” Her response: “Yes, doing good thanks.”


This is real time CPR. It can happen anytime anywhere. Can you make a difference? Are you ready to make a difference? He lived!


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