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Spring Has Sprung!

April 1, 2013

From: Allen James

Spring has sprung! Many in the agricultural community have begun their CPR and First Aid training early so they can better prepare for this year’s crop tending, harvest, and production. Other organizations are planning their training for those times that best meet their yearly schedule. Have you begun your planning yet?

We have been very busy this first quarter of 2013 and want to thank our new clients along with our returning clients for their business. For those of you, who have not enjoyed the benefits of our services, please visit our website and send us any questions you may have.

We have quality instruction with a focus on orchestrating learning that includes a process on how to ”think” about an emergency and then providing a “tool box” of CPR and First Aid skills. This training prepares your employees to respond to both corporate and individual emergencies and enables them to prepare their families for natural disasters. What a wonderful benefit to pass onto your employees’ families.

Have You Checked on Your AED Lately? Do You Know Where it is Located?

During one of our February CPR trainings, as a normal course of business, I checked out their First Aid kit and their Automated External Defibrillator (AED) and found their AED DEAD! Yes, no green light or a red light – DEAD! Have you checked on your AED lately? Do you know where it is? It is very important to regularly check your AED and record the time and date within an AED log. I suggest once a week. This record is very important as part of your liability defense plan.

Having an AED is very valuable when responding to an emergency. Every minute you delay the use of an AED, you lose 10% recovery ability of a person with no signs of life. CPR only during the 10 minute window will give you about 25% recovery possibility. Apply the AED within that window time; it jumps to 85% recovery.


Be Safe!

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