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Happy Holidays!

December 1, 2012

From: Allen James

This is the time of the year when we celebrate holidays, finish the old year and plan for the next. One of those plans is to set up CPR training for you and your employees. Some organizations have begun that planning process and have locked in dates on their 2013 calendar. Have you begun your planning yet?

We want to thank the many organizations who have embraced our CPR training this past year; however, some of you have not enjoyed these beneficial services. We would like you to consider us in 2013. We have quality instruction with a focus on orchestrating learning that includes a process on how to think about an emergency and then provides a tool box of CPR skills. This training prepares your employees to respond to both corporate and individual emergencies and enables them to prepare their families for natural disasters. What a wonderful benefit to pass onto your employees’ families.

Hepatitis B Vaccination and Bloodborne Pathogen Post-exposure Evaluation and Follow-up.


In July of this year, I was contacted by a winery regarding the requirements of corporate offerings of Hep B vaccinations to employees. It appears that OSHA cited the company for not having a process in place including the Hepatitis B Vaccine Declination form. Has your Risk Management team considered these requirements? If not, go to Occupational Safety and Health Standards, 1910, Toxic and Hazardous Substances, 1910.1030 App A, Hepatitis B Vaccine Declination (Mandatory) (Cal/OSHA regulation for Bloodborne Pathogens is §5193. Section 5193 (i)) and determine if this pertains to your operation. If so, make the changes and prepare a plan. If not, prepare your case with documentation of how this issue does not pertain to your business.

Happy Holidays! Be Safe!

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