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Hands-Only CPR (For Witnessed Sudden Collapse)

July 31st, 2011 by Allen James

Many people have asked me about Hands-Only CPR. First, let me make this clear. Hands-Only CPR training is NOT a replacement for formal CPR training that carries a certificate that can be used in the workplace or to satisfy professional licensing training requirements.


It is simple training for people who do not need a certificate but want to respond when a sudden cardiac emergency happens in front of them.


This simple training can be of great value until advanced trained personnel arrive.


Remember, Keep it Simple!

Check & Call


  • CHECK the scene for your safety and then CHECK the person.
  • Tap on shoulder and shout, “Are you okay?” Then quickly look for Breathing.
  • If you are alone, call 911 then begin CPR otherwise, have someone else call.
  • If unresponsive and not breathing, BEGIN CHEST COMPRESSIONS.

Give Chest Compressions


  • Place the heel of your hand on the center of the chest.
  • Place the heel of the other hand on top of the first hand lacing the fingers together.
  • Keep your arms straight and position your shoulders directly over your hands.
  • Push hard and fast.
  • Compress the chest at least 2 inches (infant 1.5)
  • Compress at least 100 times per minute (To the beat of “Staying Alive”).
  • Let the chest rise completely before pushing down again.
  • Continue chest compressions.

Do Not Stop


Stop ONLY if you see ONE of the following:


  • You see obvious signs of life (breathing),
  • You are too exhausted to continue,
  • A trained responder arrives and takes over,
  • An AED is ready to use,
  • EMS personnel arrive and take over,
  • The scene becomes unsafe.


Please remember, Hands-Only CPR is NOT a substitute for full CPR and First Aid training. No certificate comes with Hands-Only CPR but it can make a big difference to someone in need. Please contact us if you have any questions or want to receive information about other CPR training topics.


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